How are we doing?

Your feedback helps us and others know how we are doing, which helps us improve and grow our business. Often, prospective patients look at feedback when considering services that we provide. There are multiple online services that accept feedback, and we would like to invite you to provide feedback to one, several or all of them.

By clicking these links you should go directly to the feedback form. You can also visit each site, search for “Dr. Aaron Frodsham” or “Evolve Medical,” and look for the “write a review” or “leave feedback” option. We have listed them in order of importance, so if you can only do one, the first is most helpful, the second is the second most helpful, and so forth.

  1. Google Reviews
  3. Facebook

Please feel free to email us ( or call us (+1.385.800.5015) with any questions you may have. We appreciate your time and genuinely thank you for your feedback.